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About us

The team consists of experienced and qualified trilingual British, Cantonese, Japanese language professionals, hardworking and committed people with the sole aim of providing the best service for all of its clients and service providers.

Ian Cesay
It had been the Martial Arts film that inspired Ian to take up the Cantonese language and join a class where he studied once a week for two years in London’s Covent Garden. Once completing the course (Book 1) he started making further associations and mixed heavily with the Chinese community joining the Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets in East London involving himself in various activities, liaising and co-ordinating many events. Ian excelled in the language and helped the teacher from his old school teach beginners. At the same time he also attended evening lessons for a year at Westminster University of London near Warren Street. During this period Ian had already become very familiar with Japanese culture and its people but did not take up the language until after visiting Japan many times travelling extensively all around the country. Attempts to join a school were thwarted with the insistence that pupils learn to read and write. This did not appeal to him so he decided on buying the language teaching manual Japanese for Busy People and began studying with the aid of language tapes. Heavily associating with the Japanese people and immersing rapidly into the culture Ian excelled and reached a reasonable standard in speaking the language. Over the years he continued in the quest for a thorough background cultural knowledge, understanding and linguistic excellence before stumbling on the opportunity to work as an interpreter as well as language teaching privately. Already working as an experienced journalist and in TV he would enrol on several courses of study improving and building on various skills as well as getting some professional qualifications - Language Teaching Certificate, Certificate in Community Interpreting (& Advocacy), Creative Industry Business & Professional Development, How to Succeed in the Freelance World, Computer Literacy & Information technology Certificate, TEFL Course, Certificate in Business Studies. Simultaneously Ian found himself involved and dealing more (with colleagues, friends and acquaintances - Cantonese-Japanese-English speaking) in meetings, entertaining, banqueting, negotiating and correspondence home and abroad thus becoming even more aware on all aspects of Oriental culture and business aided with fine interpersonal and communication skills.
Ian would also complete two comprehensively written specially designed language manuals, titled ‘Cantonese in the Real World’ the other ‘Japanese in the Real World.’
With all this significant and collective experience in teaching, interpreting and Cantonese-Japanese cross-cultural awareness & communication (culture, customs, mores, and language) Ian knew he could make a go of creating his own business and started A.O.C.

Naoko Kanase
A native Japanese that has lived in the UK for a term of 9 years. Also working for Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japan Economy News) Naoko brings further specialist know how from the Japanese side. More to follow

Wong Jing Lieh
A native Cantonese speaker and Chinese national that has been in the UK for 5 years and adds the expertise from Hong Kong. More to follow