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learn Cantonese
learn Cantonese
learn Cantonese
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Cantonese lessons

So you really want to learn Cantonese?
If the answer is YES you have taken the first and most significant step by the opening of this webpage.
However, before you take the crucial leap, first ask yourself what compels you to study such a dialect...love, business, pleasure or an interest in Chinese society, history or is it simply the cultural way of life? I believe in order to be really proficient in learning Cantonese one must certainly have a reason, whether it be one of the aforementioned or another. Because unlike English, it's not used by a varied amount of people as a first language, with the exception of the Chinese themselves, mainly in Canton, Hong Kong, and those that migrated across the world. So it cannot be picked up by switching on the television or by walking down the main road unless you find yourself in everyday surroundings with Cantonese speakers. In any case learning a foreign language is a key element to cross cultural communication and gives best possible insight into other cultures, providing understanding and mutual respect.

Until very recently there had been this concept that Cantonese, which is the most popular form of spoken Chinese outside of Mainland China, was an impossible language to master, when in fact this is not the case.
The real test for the beginner studying the Cantonese language will be in the pronunciation, due to the several tones within the dialect. But of course, this can be overcome. Grammar is fairly simple and straight-forward and with the aid with the detailed explanations from the course manual will be understood.
Basically, it's simple, you can learn if you have the willpower and dedication to conquer any obstacle put in front of you. After all…'IT’S JUST A LANGUAGE.' Before you start, all you need to do is totally, and I mean totally, convince yourself that you are able to succeed. Once this psychological breakthrough is achieved the rest will follow in time. Perseverance will bring results. Failure exists when there is a continual lack of effort in overcoming any difficulties.  If your heart is not completely into the study of Cantonese, I must say with regret "YOU WILL FAIL” to put it rather bluntly. As the great man himself once said ‘DON’T EVEN WASTE YOURSELF.’ You can save yourself from any unnecessary waste of time and money by closing this webpage.

I wrote this text not only wanting to share my knowledge and love of the language with others but also because of the realisation that so many wanted to learn, but have tried and FAILED. I discovered most students failed due to the difficulty of most books, unnecessarily complicated, that only served to confuse the student and prolong study, by failing to give clear, simple and precise explanations. They often concentrate on material that is of little use to the pupil in the early stages of learning. Learning should be exciting, pleasurable and effortless, certainly not laborious or anything connected with heavy thinking. That way it takes a long time before any functional progress can be made. With this book I wanted to teach all that was necessary in order for the student in being proficient on any subject of discussion as quickly as possible, from colloquial to the more formal. It is written with the dream that all students who work under this manual will in due course acquire as much knowledge as its writer, and that one day this course of study would one day become a popular learning technique.

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