Cantonese interpreter, facilitator,it's just a language, Japan
Cantonese interpreter, facilitator,it's just a language, Japan
Cantonese interpreter, facilitator,it's just a language, Japan
Japanese interpreter, facilitator,it's just a language, Japan
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There are areas of knowledge in which individuals, businesses, and organisations alike must come to acquire if they are to integrate and succeed into any foreign marketplace.
Building cross cultural relationships added with a thorough understanding and appreciation of intercultural differences sufficiently will ultimately strengthen communication, minimise barriers, builds trust in relationships, generate respect and understanding, open horizons and yield tangible results in terms of development in all fields i.e. business etc.

Acting as an expert in the fields of cultural liaisons, intermediations and negotiation within Cantonese and Japanese speaking circles A.O.C plays a key role in assisting and advising individuals, private companies or organisations acquire the necessary expertise to maximise success in the market. This could be in a commercial venture, creative sense (culture/arts) or to just purchasing products (vehicle etc).

Providing expert intercultural communication, advocate-linguistic skills, and in-depth intercultural awareness as well as professional know how on several issues A.O.C offers an insight into areas such as doing business (greeting, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating), language, correct basic etiquette within Japanese-Cantonese societies, their values, customs and taboos.

Using a variety of appropriate interpreting techniques (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered, verbatim) for each situation A.O.C

A.O.C. provides services in the following forms:

1. PA interpreting
· Client/customer hosting (luncheons, entertainment, greetings)
2. delegation
Small groups at social & business events, airport pick-up, small sightseeing/tour groups, site visits
3. trade missions abroad
Trade fairs/exhibitions, business excursion
4. representation
One-to-one meetings, small business presentations, contract negotiations, video conferencing, mediations, seminars
5. purchasing
Accompanied purchases for those with business interests offering a full attendance service to make the trip as smooth and productive as possible – travel arrangements, business liaisons, plus a full after care.

Commission purchase – for those happy to buy regularly from Japan/Hong Kong-Canton. Order placement, importation arrangements, warehousing, transportation – terms usually based on commission. We will oversee the entire process of buying/selling from Japan or Hong Kong/Canton.

Giving time, attention, and commitment A.O.C will nurture a close knit and personal relationship with each party as we look to come to a full understanding of their needs aiming to get the best for them.

Prices are subject to requirements. Enquire for quotes and further details.