Cantonese interpreter, Japanese interpreter, facilitator,it's just a language, Japan
Cantonese interpreter, Japanese interpreter,it's just a language, Japan
Cantonese interpreter, Japanese interpreter,
Japanese interpreter, interpreter,it's just a language, Japan, London, Hong Kong
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A.O.C’s interpreting services provides a professional, quality and efficient service with the interpreters qualified, highly skilled and specialised in the topic.

Using varied techniques (such as simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered, and verbatim) A.O.C provides interpreting services in community, sports, legal, private and public interpreting sectors.

Public Services Interpreting – police, immigration, magistrate & crown courts, health
Community – housing, social services, benefits, education
Private - small group/business meetings, presentations, entertainment, social events, trade missions, airport pick up, sightseeing
Legal – law, solicitor’s
Sports – especially football and transcripts of footage (audio tapes), events and broadcasts

Telephone interpreting is also available – an alternative and more cost effective way of communication.


is considered by many to be the pinnacle of linguistic achievement with the interpreter required to provide immediate interpreting without the need for speakers to break their flow. The audience needs to understand what a speaker is saying while he or she is still speaking. The speaker addresses the audience in one language while the interpreter conveys the speech in another language, at roughly half a sentence behind the orator.
Though the form can be used for small groups and business meetings it’s the most common form of international conference interpreting and other formal multi-lingual situations.

is a method whereby a whole segment of speech, or coherent section of a statement, will be spoken and then rendered by the interpreter into the target language after the speaker has finished speaking. Speakers need to pause after every few sentences to allow the interpreter to translate, but the flow of conversation must be preserved reasonably well.  This is a slower process but ensures a product which is clear and less likely to be disputed. This form can be used at small group business meetings, site visits, and dinners where only two languages are involved (one-to-one meetings).

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting together are known as conference interpreting

a two-way link that can be simultaneous or consecutive and is done in two languages, i.e. the interpreter works into and out of each language after each person speaks.

is a form of simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter sits sufficiently close to the speaker, or uses suitable technology to assist in providing simultaneous interpreting of any proceedings in an undertone. The interpreter does not wait for pauses but has to listen and interpret at the same time.
is word for word interpreting. This occurs when extreme precision is required and the interpreter has to be as accurate as possible, e.g. in courts, mental health or counselling where the client is judged or assessed on her/his exact words.

Interpreting rates typically range from £15-£50 per hour depending on the specific requirements.

All work is quoted for individually.

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